Ts&Cs is operated and founded by Risenn (ABN 31867687722) of (Melbourne, VIC 3000) (“we”, “us”, & “our”)

We are a talented team that performs as a third-party by providing customers with access to a wide range of quality products on behalf of other sellers. If you are intending in to place an order on our website, you are placing an order with the seller of the product, and not us. Our reliable team is acting agent for our participating sellers. We aid ordering and collecting processes with a remarkable customer care, and strive to keep you happy.

Please remember that when you have made an order to purchase a product via the website, you are making a direct offer to the seller. An order is only officially acknowledged after the seller has accepted the purchase offer. If your order has been accepted you will be notified and presented with a contract via an email from the Risenn team. The contract between you and the seller will relate to the goods and/or services.

Colours of products
Risenn makes an effort to ensure that we display our products in the best representation possible. However, due to differing computer resolutions this may vary from those displayed by your own personal computer settings.

We will not provide any refunds or returns due to a variation in colour that is represented on our website and on your screen.

Order Processes

Add item in cart
Simply add the item you wish to purchase into the add item cart button. This item will be saved in your cart until checkout.

Processing the payment
Once we have received your full payment, we will contact you and confirm this.

‘Out of stock’ situation
In the event of a product(s) being out of stock, Risenn will contact you (by phone or e-mail) and provide you with an indication of the anticipated delivery time.

If however, you are not satisfied with the expected delivery time, you will be offered a full refund.

Timing of delivery
Once we have received payment and it has been cleared we will notify of the expected arrival date (usually 10 -14 business days – sometimes sooner) of the product via e-mail.

Once your order has arrived at your assigned destination and is in your possession, it is your responsibility to report any concerns or damages that may occur. Risenn is not liable for any damages during this time. Please contact the delivery company for any damages or concerns about your product as they are liable for your order between the store and its assigned destination.

If a Seller accepts your order for the purchase of a Product, then all agreements and rights lie between you and the Seller, and not Risenn. If a Seller accepts your order for the purchase of a Product, then the following terms apply to the agreement with the Seller relating to that purchase.

1. Payment
All orders must be paid online by either Credit Card or a PayPal account. Once the payment has been confirmed, you will receive a receipt via e-mail. A surcharge may occur with the use of certain credit cards. If this is the case, you will be notified prior to purchasing the product.

Other charges will be included to your order including delivery & other taxes (this will be shown on the receipt)

2. Returns
You can return or exchange any product for any reason for 14 amount of days of the receipt. However, if the product is not in its original condition (with full packaging), we will not accept the product to be returned.

Please remember, Risenn does not offer refunds due to a ‘change of mind’.

3. Warranty
The seller will give a 12 month warranty on most products and will refund the buyer with an exact product or a store credit.

All prices will be detailed and exact in the receipt, there will be no hidden charge –please contact us if there are any problems or charges that you are not aware of.

All prices are exact
In addition to the cost of the product purchased, the receipt will include details on the pricing of:

• Goods & Services tax (GST)

• Delivery charges

• Insurance (if applicable)

• Other taxes that may be imposed will be displayed in the receipt

If the price does not match the receipt or on the website, please call or e-mail us before any changes happen to ensure that you are proceeding with the order.

Refund policy

1. The products are damaged in transit

If the products show any sign of damages, marks or any sign of wear and tear, we kindly ask that you notify Risenn within 72 hours once received. Take a picture and contact us and we will organize to replace the product with the same or equal value.

2. There is a fault from the manufacturer

If you detect a fault with the item you have purchased, we kindly ask that you notify Risenn within 72 hours of receiving the product. We will offer you either a replacement of the product or a store credit to the value of the product.

3. Incorrect item has been delivered

If you have noticed that the order delivered to you is not the product you have purchased, contact us and we will replace the product as soon as possible. No further charges will apply.

4. Natural wear and tear

Risenn will not refund you with natural wear and tear and/or negligence use of the product

5. Credit only for refund

Full refunds will only be established if Risenn has accepted your request for a refund and have repossession of the product within 14 days of your purchase.

Privacy Policy

With the information that you provide to us, we will only collect:

You name and contact details;
Personal details that you have provided and;
Any additional information that you give to us

We use your personal information in order to provide you with updates on our products and services that you have requested. We only notify you regarding offers that maybe of interest to you and that will comply with any legal or regulatory obligations imposed on us.

Risenn do not sell, share or trade our customer’s information to any third-party

Unsubscribing to our e-mail

If you wish to cancel your subscription to our e-mail(s) please contact us anytime either by phone or email.