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When buying rugs for your home, you create a perfect cushion for your feet to wander around. Apart from adding elegance to your home, they protect your floors from stains along with protecting you from injuring yourself.

Rugs not only cover your floors and but provide value. It gives the much-needed elegance and style to your existing home décor. Give your bathrooms a rich look by placing Risenn cotton rugs hand woven by Indian artists or let our Risenn Contemporary rug revamp your living room.

While rugs are great at complementing your house, they also never go out of fashion. For instance our easy to take care Risenn wool rug is a long lasting modern rug, which keeps you warm on winter nights and cold on warm summer days, specially recommended for children’s room for as its strong fibers tend to be stain resistant.

To add a natural look to areas you can use our lustrous jute rug; also can be placed as a bathroom mat for its absorbent nature. Risenn Rugs also comprise of bamboo silk and viscose rugs that can be displayed for an elegant showcase or used in low foot traffic areas.

While you are away on recreational trips make our weatherproof outdoor rug your companion or simply place them in your backyard giving it an “insider” feel. We also cater to our environmentally friendly clients with recycled rugs made out of woven recycled straws resulting in a durable and a light weight rug, making it convenient to use indoors or outdoors.

When you feel like being flamboyant with a designer rug, a Risenn accent rug for your living room acts as a catalyst to show case your persona. If you choose to spruce up class to any area of your home, the finely textured Risenn leather rugs will add the sophistication to any room. It also complements your style. Oriental theme lovers usually place a leather area rug on their floors.

You can also choose to keep it simple with our range of traditional rugs. However you choose to express, Risenn rugs come in a large platter of patterns, textures and colors. Risenn brings to you renowned names, state of the art craftsmanship and quality rugs, which are easy to maintain.

Although Risenn provides a wide variety of home rugs, it’s easy to buy a rug online with Risenn. Take a rug home from Risenn today. Experience our easy online ordering, hassle free delivery, superior after sales service while you enjoy a years warranty.

We stand by the quality of our rugs while they lie down on the floor of your house. Be floored, literally.

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