Merino Sheepskin Cushion 40cm


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Our plush Australian merino sheepskin cushion is soft, warm, insulating and breathable, making it the perfect home interior decor choice.

- 100% Genuine Merino Sheepskin

- Ethically source and only a bi-product to the meat industry

- Strict tanning processes to ensure it is both eco-friendly and safe

- Merino fleece is on one side of the cushion with a matching tone fabric

- Insert is included

-Size 40cm x 40cm x 5cm

- Dyed item is non-colourfast except for the Natural White

Care Instruction 

To keep fleece fluffy shake often and brush with a wire wool comb while wet or after drying. Dry Vacuum with normal vacuum head on light suction to prevent dirt from embedding in fleece. Do not use turbo or rotating vacuum heads or powerful suction. Attend to spills immediately. Blot with clean cloth. Scoop solids with side of a spoon or knife edge to avoid the solid penetrating the fibre. If necessary spot clean with a damp cloth. Do not dry clean or use any chemicals on the wool fleece. Do not immerse the sheepskin in water. Avoid the skin backing from getting wet. Never rub the fleece, particularly when wet cloth. Allow to dry naturally in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight as UV rays will cause the dyed colour to fade or discolour.


Style Tip: 
Sheepskin cushions look stunning when combined with other textures and fibres, scattered on a bed or sofa in either a traditional or more contemporary decor style For more colour selection, please click on the drop down menu

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