​Where To Spend And Save On Interior Design

​Where To Spend And Save On Interior Design

Posted by Molly Dawson on 10th Feb 2021

Most people often complain that interior design is too expensive. Just a quick glance at a few products is enough to make one shudder at the price tags. Of course, you can always redesign your home on a budget. But it’s vital when it comes to making the right decisions on where to save and spend on interior design.

Knowing where to spend and save on interior design is a fine balance, and from the summary below, you’ll have a strong idea on the areas where you should loosen or tighten the pursestrings.

Here is what you need to know about saving and spending money on interior design.

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Remodelling Projects: SPEND

Are you thinking about flipping a house or adding some equity to your own property? It’s incredibly tempting to cut corners when it comes to remodelling because these projects can be quite expensive and also take a chunk of time to do. Unfortunately, going down the cheap route on remodelling projects will not be a good return on your investment.

In fact, you will end up doing more harm than good. It’s often the case that cheap remodels will wear out rather quickly, and will cost you more money. Refaced cabinets will start chipping and the stick-on tiles will start falling off too soon, to name just two things. Once this begins to unravel, there is no opportunity for added value. If you’re doing any remodelling on your home, you need to spend, and spend wisely.

Accent Colours: SAVE

Yes, a lot of people talk about the impact of having some colour in your home and coordinating design elements in the room. Colour can add visual interest to any space in your home, and accent colours are usually trendy.

However, trends come and go. The colour that’s hot now might not be in a few month’s time. So it’s not worth spending a lot on accent items, because you never know when or how soon you’ll want to change your colours.

Michael Yousef, an Australian architect, echoes the sentiment that trends don’t stay for long. “It’s important to never get swept up too much in trends, especially in design. It’s easier for clothing trends because you can sell them quicker, but not so much for design items. You have to be smart.”

Timeless Furniture: SPEND

We’ll be honest and say that good furniture doesn’t always come cheap, if at all. But you pay for what you get, and that is high quality furniture that will last a long time. When buying furniture such as beds, sofas and dining tables, you should opt for neutral looks that are durable.

The team at Bargain Binshave seen their fair share of furniture in skip bins, and notes that people underestimate the value furniture can have. “It’s almost every week that we see a couch perched in one of our skip bins. They aren’t cheap, and aren’t easy to move. It would be a wise investment to spend on furniture that will last.”

Textiles: SAVE

Textiles are integral to any interior design. Whether it’s throw pillows, blankets, rugs or bedding, they go a long way in pulling a room together. Much like accent colours, textiles are perfect for adding a bold colour to any room.

Good textiles can be on the pricier side of things, but unless you want to invest in a good neutral piece that blends with various aesthetics in your home, you need to choose affordable textiles.

Wall Art: SPEND

Wall art is very personal. If you love a piece of art, chances are that you’ll love it for a long time. You shouldn’t be afraid to splurge on a pricey piece of art, because it’s potentially the most personable item you can have.

For small business owner Sally Austin, wall art in her business can be something that helps put the customer at ease. “It may sound silly, but a piece of art in your office or business can create an atmosphere without you having to do anything. It’s a conversation piece too. If a customer sees something that looks familiar, it can help them to relax if they’re trying something for the first time.”

You don’t need to worry about changing styles. If you choose to redo your designs, you can always find a way to use the piece of art. You can take it as an opportunity to change things in your home by moving your wall art to a different room in your home.

Decor Elements: SAVE

You should also save on decor items for your home. Remember, they are not functional besides improving the aesthetics. They’re also expendable, because if they work for one style or theme in the house, there’s no guarantee they’ll work for another.

If you are revamping your home on a tight budget, you should look to be a little thrifty because there are lots of fantastic and affordable options that you’re bound to find.

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