Turn Your Bedroom Into A Stress Free Zone

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Stress Free Zone

Posted by Brittany E on 8th Jan 2018

The bedroom should be a place where you can unwind and leave the problems of the day at the door. It should be relaxing space where you can zone out and feel comfortable. Here are some tips to create a relaxing space in your bedroom.


Firstly, your duvet should leave you feeling like you are wrapped up in a million fluffy clouds. A quality duvet can mean the world of difference between a good and a bad nights sleep. It also means you have a comfortable place to nestle yourself up in whenever you want.

A quality mattress is also a must, however, a mattress topper can take your old dreary mattress and make it feel brand new again. It is all about maximising comfort, so a much cheaper way to create that perfect cloud nine feeling would be a duck or goose down mattress topper. Adding a mattress topper can also serve to increase the life of your mattress. Finally, spruce up your bed with an elegant quilt cover set. Keep it simple; if you want that relaxed atmosphere muted colours are the way to go. Soft hues do not invoke the senses like bright colours do. Surrounding yourself with calm, elegant colours will help you focus on the important things and zone out to the outside world. Covers that are soft to the touch will help you melt into your bed as you spend a lazy Sunday afternoon reading or Netflix binging.


Try not to have clutter in your bedroom. Limit yourself to a dresser, a chair, desk and maybe a plant. Having a cluttered surrounding will cause the mind to wander and you will end up mulling over all your jobs instead of taking some down time.

Having a minimalist space will also make it easier to keep your bedroom clean and tidy, at the end of a long day at work the last thing anyone wants to do is tidy their bedroom.

Wall Art

Decorating your bedroom with artwork is a form of escape. Pick something that resonates with you that takes you away on a journey every time you look at it. The right piece of art can change the whole dynamic of a room; completely changing the atmosphere and how relaxed you feel. Again, colours will play a vital role, choose a piece that compliments the rest of the bedroom and creates a wave of serenity and consistency throughout.