​Travel Must Haves

​Travel Must Haves

Posted by Brittany E on 18th Mar 2018


It may be an obvious one, but, the right suitcase is a blessing in disguise when travelling. A suitcase that has lots of compartments is a great way to keep your life organised when you’re on the go. Colours that stand out are also a great way to pick out your suitcase from the sea of typically shades of black at the airport. Packs that offer a carry on and a larger sized case are a great way to save money and having a hard shell suitcase allows for an extra layer of protection for your items.


Typically towels are available in hotels, but, when you’re on the go it’s always good to be prepared and nothing quite beats the soft fuzzy warmth of your own towel. Plus, getting stuck somewhere or having an unexpected diversion can be a huge inconvenience. A stop over can be a good opportunity for a shower and a freshen up and having a towel on hand, can make that well sort after shower a lot quicker and less painful.

Carry on bag

A good sized handbag or backpack that can be easily stowed under your seat is a great way to have access to your must haves and important documents at a moments notice. Picking the right carry on bag also means when you’re travelling around at your destination that you have an easy and convenient place to store your things. Particularly when travelling, you often take a lot more things with you than you typically would for those ‘just incase’ scenarios. Having a large stylish handbag or a backpack means you can seamlessly have the essentials at your disposal.

Double Up

A handy trick when travelling is to think about how you can save space in your suitcase but still maximise comfort. Planes, in particular, can get quite chilly on those long haul flights and a great way to make yourself comfortable is to use a scarf. Scarves that fold out to be large pieces of material can be used as a blanket or a shawl and serve multiple purposes. This is a great idea if you’re travelling to a climate you’re not used to and want to save ob space; particularly if you’re luggage allowance is rather small. Looking for items that can have multiple purposes is a great way to pack small but think large.


Electronics is a broad category, but, when travelling things like phone chargers/cords, headphones, extra storage devices and power outlets. Having a spare phone charge in your luggage or carry on means you’ll never be caught short, especially if one gets broken or lost. Headphones are worth their weight in gold on a long haul flight, you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone and can listen to and/or watch whatever you like. Extra storage devices are great if you’re travelling for work and need to back things up or for those family vacations where you want to keep precious memories safe. Power outlets keep you sane as you don’t have to worry about making those sparse hotel room powerpoint last and are great if you’re travelling overseas and don’t want to buy heaps of adapters.