The Secret to Surviving Winters Coldest Nights? It's All in the Sheets.

The Secret to Surviving Winters Coldest Nights? It's All in the Sheets.

Posted by Holly F on 26th Jul 2017

If there’s one thing to love about winter it’s the relationship you form with your bed. You dream about it when you’re walking down the street in the freezing cold with the wind biting at you. You struggle to say bye to it in the morning, negotiating with yourself about a few less things you will do that morning for some extra time under the warmth of your covers. And you relish a lazy Sunday lying in bed all day while the rain hits your window and you don’t have to think about going outside.

If nothing else, a cold winters night forges a strong, yet fleeting relationship to your bed. As some of our favourite Instagram bloggers have shown, winter is a time to show off your bed linen.

It is an impressive still to create a picture perfect bedspread, many have tried, few have succeeded and speaking on behalf of those who have failed, as long as it’s comfy that’s all that matters, right?

In my countless studies of good-looking bedspreads I noticed a few trends in the pictures wish I am here to share with you, hopeful that although cannot do, I can teach.

Here are a few tips to ensure your bed is as welcoming as possible this winter:

1.The making of the bed.

Now this is the most straightforward however also the hardest to execute. It’s not as simple as making your bed, if you want it picture perfect you have to think ahead. Decide if you’re going to go for the seamlessly made look or the perfectly undone look. Take your time and try a few setups until you’re happy, placing your throw rug on the bed so it looks effortless is a ridiculously difficult feat.

2.Textures and layers

AKA layers of texture. Linen, velvet, , silk, fur and thick knitted throws are all popular at the moment, but it is the mixing and matching of them that creates the depth to your perfect spread.

3.Colour scheme

Partial to personal opinion however trending at the moment is pastel pink, navy blue, mustard, emerald and of course neutral tones, which are my personal favourite because of their timelessness.


This is my downfall, throw pillows are the best friend of the Instagram bed but I hate clutter and therefore the throw pillow is my enemy. However I encourage you to go crazy with throw pillows. I find looking at online retailers is good inspiration as they have countless examples. The most effective assortments comprise of a rational number (between 4 and 9) of various shapes, colours, patterns and textures.