The Print of Spring

The Print of Spring

Posted by Rhiannon H on 4th Oct 2018

The new season has emerged, so too has our eagerness for parting ways with trench coats and scarves to only been replaced with all things silk and animal print. The beloved animal print has once again made its rounds in the inevitable and continuous fashion cycle, and it has us all hungry for more. Whether it’s a silk number or light cotton, it seems as though this is a trend that almost anyone can pull off, even the shy!

Variations of animal print have made its way through the streets of fashion week and it doesn’t seem to have stopped there. This is a trend that sees both the bold and the quiet rocking, whether it’s a snake skin boot or a cheetah print slip skirt, it encases a bold stamp on the everyday attire. Find out ways to update your wardrobe this spring with all things animal print.

If sticking to the basics is more your style, however want to dive into this particular trend with grace, you can accessorise with a silk printed scarf or some animal printed earrings. Even the smallest of accessories such as a leopard print bag is such a great way to bring out the rest of your outfit. 

The key to making the animal print work in your favour is to both wear it and style it simply. Let the boldness speak for itself and create its own moment with paring a leopard print slip skirt with a simple white top and some neutral toned sandals or boots. The animal print brings a level of ‘luxe’ to your outfit, and can make a simple outfit look much more expensive than it actually is. Opting for a leopard print shoe can make any plain outfit pop with such a bold statement. 

Paring a classic blue jean and white t-shirt combo with a leopard print jacket can make this classic set sing. It’s all about utilising this trend to compliment your outfit, not overpower it. However if you’re feeling bold enough, layering patterns is always a good idea when it comes to animal prints, with tiger features creating a dreamy explosion of audacious appeal. 

This season embraces the animal print with pride, with every ‘it’ girl dripping their wardrobe in the desired element. The simple unwritten rule associated with animal print is: Treat it like any black item in your wardrobe. This rule of thumb insinuates that harmonising a little leopard print to any outfit upgrades a look with class and style. Opting for both silk fabrics and light cottons will make a leopard print appear more luxurious and expensive, despite the price.