The Mental, Physical and Health Benefits of Wooden Play Sets

The Mental, Physical and Health Benefits of Wooden Play Sets

Posted by Gabriel Cooper on 19th Mar 2021

Wooden playsets never went out of fashion despite the torrent of plastic counterparts and digital games. They’re still popular in homes, schools, and playgrounds across the planet.

Wooden toys have a unique tactile sensation, which both children and adults appreciate. And now that parents are more conscious of toy choices, we see a resurgence of well-crafted pieces.

“Toys are a crucial part of a child’s life. Many traits begin during playtimes, such as discipline, respect, and patience. While it’s easy to find electronic toys, wooden playsets offer a different kind of experience. This is probably because wood is a familiar object to a child.”, explains Luke Wood, Monkeyfoodz wellness consultant.

Environmentally Sound and Safe for Children

Plastic playsets are derived from synthetic materials, which are manufactured with a more carbon footprint.

Wooden toys are more eco-conscious options. Wood is recyclable and biodegradable. It is only essential to purchase wooden playsets from a company that uses certified wood types and sustainable processes.

Furthermore, wooden toys don’t break into smaller pieces that can cause harm to your child.

Handcrafted pieces create a stark comparison to mass-produced plastic versions in terms of renewability and quality.

Inspires Creativity and Imagination

The quick advancements in technology have made it possible to add various features to toys. There are lights, colours, bells, whistles, etc. While these can thrill your child, simplicity is usually better when it comes to toys.

Wooden playsets provide a blank slate upon which your child can translate their creativity and imagination.

The familiar feel of wood also eases the brain, allowing your child to connect to nature through wooden toys. Here’s a science-based guide to buying toys.

Promotes Social Interaction

Although many computers allow players to communicate via chat or audio call, they are still no comparison to actual social interactions.

Computer games often create a solitary environment. Wooden playsets, on the other hand, promotes communication and coordination. You’d be delighted to see your child and his/her playmates getting busy with a 13-piece wooden kitchen set.

Being organic items, children need to use their voices to create sound effects, such as a whistling kettle and clinking glasses.

Some modern playsets can perform almost anything, unlike wood that offers an opportunity for world-building and role-playing.

Improves Concentration

Environments with wooden touches are both stimulating and calming. The grain of the wood and the natural lighting puts our mind at ease. Consequently, negative feelings are diminished, and our mental energy is directed to the task at hand.

This is also the same as children. Whenever they’re surrounded by objects similar to the natural environment, it is easier for them to stay focused.

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