The Argument For Fake Plants You Need To Read

The Argument For Fake Plants You Need To Read

Posted by Chris Callisto on 8th Jul 2019

Real plants are the bible for many décor enthusiasts, but for others, they can be a leafy green nightmare that refuses to cooperate.

Fake plants are often the overlooked solution to a wilting kentia palm. But don’t write off the underdog just yet.

If there is a place for greasy pizza amongst the gourmet food industry, then you can be sure that there is an argument for fake plants in the world of interior design.

Modern Living Rooms

Fake plants of yesteryear caught the eye like a bad wig. In today’s modern era, the right artificial plants have come a long way, and you’ll need a pretentious green-thumb to spot the difference.

Investing in a fake plant means that sunlight will never be a factor in the placement of your plants.

Brighten up the darkest corner of your windowless basement with a luscious ficus tree.

Shelter a white flowering wisteria that could never dream of existing in the climate of your home.

Unlike real plants, fake plants will never die. They are the vampires of the décor world.

Imagine a fern palm tree that never browns, never wilts and never overgrows its designated space in your home. That fern palm tree will always remain like you first intended.

Fake plants come with absolutely no responsibility. Watering plants will be a task of the past, saving you money on utilities every month.

Artificial Plants

That freedom of no responsibility will allow you to do more with your time.

Life’s too short to Google search “how often should I water Japanese bamboo?” or “is my plant getting too much sunlight?”.

Even the most uneducated of gardeners can have life amongst a forest of greenery without having to lift a finger.

Before all the real plant enthusiasts spread their gospel and condemn fake planters to the depths of foliage hell, they’d best assess their choice of the tree come Christmas time.

Have fun sweeping up tiny pieces of shedding pine every morning.

The revolution is real, and it will be fake.