Rugging Up: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug for your Interior

Rugging Up: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug for your Interior

Posted by Jenny F on 16th Jul 2017

Rugs are often overlooked when furnishing homes but are an essential interior design piece that can liven up a room and have your guests crushing over your gorgeous textiles. Considered functional art floor coverings, rugs not only characterise your space but protect floors whilst reducing noise, making them practical additions to any room. Incorporate them into your home interior and create a visual showpiece reflecting your personal style with these helpful tips:


Choosing the colour of your rug will depend on the surrounding décor and wall colour scheme. Vibrant and bold colours often work well with white minimalist interior schemes whilst gorgeous neutral and muted tones provide the perfect canvas around which to add bold statement pieces.


Whether Oriental or Persian in design or patterned with floral, abstract, zigzagged or geometrical shapes, the design of your rug can add flair and a dramatic element to your room. If choosing a rug with a picture, ensure the entire design is visible and not obscured by furniture.


Consider the shape of the interior space before purchasing a rug. Round rugs can add softness and offset linear interior spaces, square rugs won’t work as well in rectangular shaped rooms and long rectangular rugs are beautiful additions to hallways. To avoid having a rug looking misplaced, it should be in proportion to the space.


Short, shaggy or plush pile rug textures can create a feeling of luxury, comfort and warmth in your home. Whether hand woven, machine-knotted, tufted or embroidered, floor coverings come in beautifully textured diverse fabrics so you are bound to find a rug that matches the mood you wish to create in your personal space.


Although we all love the feel of walking barefoot on a thick, plush rug, fabric construction is an important consideration therefore your choice of rug should depend on where it will be placed. High traffic areas demand strong, durable and hardwearing textiles preferably with patterns or dark rich tones to hide traffic stains.


Prior to purchasing a rug, it is important to measure up your room and decide on the size of the space you want to be covered. Keep in mind that the rug shouldn’t cover the floor from wall-to-wall and a rug that’s too small for your chosen interior space will look odd. As rugs come in all shapes and sizes, finding the right sized piece to fit in your room should be easy.

Personal style

Your rug choice should reflect your own sense of style and personality. Styling based on popular designs or the latest colour trends, at the expense of your personal preference, may see you quickly tiring of your floor covering. Whether you favour traditional styles, modern patterns or edgy designs, choose a rug that best expresses who you are. If you surround yourself with interiors you love, you are sure to feel uplifted in your personal space.

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Author Jenny F