Reduce your stress with simple home design solutions

Reduce your stress with simple home design solutions

Posted by Melina Byrne on 9th Jul 2019

You don’t need to travel to a five-star resort for rest and relaxation, you can create a more serene, soothing space at home with these easy home design or décor changes.

1. Lounge around

The first thing to do is put your feet up in a lounge chair. Shop around for your favourite chair – one with adjustable settings like Risenn’s Adjustable Lounge Arm Chair is perfect. For the ultimate in comfort, add an ultra-soft cushion, put on the TV and escape from reality into your favourite TV show. You may prefer to turn on some relaxing music, close your eyes, and unwind.

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2. Make time for a massage chair

If stress is making your body ache then perhaps a massage chair is for you. The Eight Point Massage Racer Office Chair provides a relaxing eight-point massage aimed at four different parts of your body: your upper and lower back, your hips and your thighs. You can choose from six vibration modes as the massage chair relieves your back tension, soothes aching muscles, and provides all-round comfort. It is designed for comfort – it has heated lumbar function, S-shape contoured backrest, lockable recline adjustment, tension tilt adjustment, and padded headrest and armrests. Risenn also has foot massagers that can soothe your tired, overworked feet.

3. Sense the serenity

A simple way to change your home is to invest in an aromatherapy infuser. They don’t just help your house smell good, they can also be used as an air humidifier, a purifier, and a night light. The Four-in-One Aroma Diffuser is also stylish with its light wood grain finish and a Zen-inspired shape. You can adjust the diffuser’s brightness using its seven-colour LED light, which provides soothing hues all through the day or night.

Sense the Serenity

4. Create a calming bedroom

People always say “change is as good as good as a holiday” so you could update your bed linen. A new doona cover will transform your bedroom’s mood instantly. Or a new cushion could be enough to make your worries melt away, especially if it is a fluffy Mongolian sheepskin cushion that you can snuggle into.

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5. Produce a holiday vibe

You could add accessories to your home that remind you of holidays, such as a beach-themed painting, or vibrant, striped deckchairs for your patio or backyard. Something fun, like an inflatable flamingo pool toy, might also lighten your mood.