Interior Design Trends Set to Take Over 2022

Interior Design Trends Set to Take Over 2022

Posted by Molly Cooper Dawson 15th February 2022 on 15th Feb 2022

The home is where our heart is. It's where we recharge after a long day at work, relax with family and friends, or simply enjoy some quiet time alone. But home certainly doesn't mean it has to be mundane. The latest decor trends are here to inspire you to slowly but surely turn your home into an oasis of space, colour and light to match the vivacious nature of 2022!

1) Dual-purpose furniture and rooms

Getting creative with space is certainly one of the design challenges that has long plagued interior design. As the world becomes more adept at working from home and our living spaces get smaller and smaller, being creative with dual-purpose furniture and rooms is becoming a necessity.

You can expect to see homes filled with convertible furniture pieces like extendable dining tables, murphy beds and pieces with lots of hidden storage. You will also likely see everything from living room home office crossovers to fully-stocked bars in the lounge area, 1960’s style.

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2) Upcycled Furniture and Vintage Accents

There is nothing better than a thrifted treasure to make your home look fabulous on a budget. As the world comes out of the pandemic you may see more sustainable and repurposed items making their way into homes. The beauty of thrifting furniture is you can find high quality or vintage pieces that are unique, cost-effective and sustainable.

Expect to see an uptick in upcycled pieces as many people incorporate their DIY projects into their homes that they completed over lockdown. These could look like buffets with half wooden-dowels added to create a mid-century look or boldly painted cabinets with funky handles.

3) Self-sustaining Additions

Whether it's vertical veggie gardens, koi fish ponds or advanced ecosystems in terrariums, you can expect to see an uptake of eco-friendly and aesthetic add ons that serve a purpose.

“Like with upcycled furniture, people have cultivated skills over lockdown that they will now incorporate into their home” says the environmental consultants from Buy Ecowise, “There is also a new drive toward being self-sustaining with thousands of people starting vegetable gardens and buying solar panels over lockdown”.

4) Furs

Whether it be real or fake, fur is expected to make a huge comeback in 2022. Mid-century modern has made a big resurgence in home decor in the last few months so furry furniture, textiles and flooring will be seen in interiors, an ode to the classic shag carpet that mid-century homes are known for. Expect to see sherpa chairs and lounges, fur rugs, cushions and blankets among other accents.