How to Pick the Best Sofa for Your Home

How to Pick the Best Sofa for Your Home

Posted by Alex Morrison on 31st Oct 2019

The sofa is the key element to any living space, which is the largest and most public space in the house. A great sofa not only has the potential to make or break the look of the room, but there will be many, many hours spent sitting there with the family too! When it is time to shop for a new sofa, you want to look for something that suits the room, that fits your aesthetic, is practical for your needs and (of course) looks great.

For some, shopping for furniture may not be for personal use but to decorate a house for selling or renting. Choosing the right sofa is just as important here. One of the key investment property tips for selling is to ensure your home looks the very best it can - it is your opportunity to showcase just how amazing the space is.

So, whether for personal enjoyment or otherwise, how do you pick the best sofa for your home?

1. Measure it out

There is no point launching straight into the shops and picking the extravagant sofa you have been dreaming about it if simply won’t fit. Before you get too excited about buying, take the time at home to measure the space. It can be a good idea to map out the dimensions with string or lay out newspaper too, so you can step back and really see how much space you have to fill. Large sofas may be comfortable, but they can seem overbearing in a smaller room, and likewise a sofa that is too small will look out of place.

You also need to consider the proximity of the sofa to other elements of the room. What size sofa will fit with the existing coffee table? Will you be able to walk comfortably around, or allow doors to fully open and close?

Modular designs are fantastic for fitting tight or unusual spaces. L-shaped sofas, for example, fit nicely into a corner to leave a smaller room more open. Alternatively, long-line options can be used to great effect for gently dividing a living space.

2. Technology

Nowadays, a sofa is not just a sofa! It is storage, a bed or massage therapy as well! Think about what kinds of added extras you may like (or need) in your sofa. If you have a small house and are in need of a spare guest bed, a fold-out sofa bed is an ideal space-saver. Storage compartments under footrests are also great space-saving options. Some sofas now come with massage functions too - who wouldn’t love that? Once you hit the shops, you may not find everything you are looking for, but it doesn’t hurt to do some research and go in with a solid wish-list.

3. Style

The final thing to consider is style, as this not only impacts the final purchase, but where you start your shopping. Your custom home is your sanctuary, your piece of paradise that reflects your personality just as much as the practicalities. If you are unsure of what you would like, flick through some home decor magazines and browse online for inspiration. Have a look around the rest of your house too; does it have a clean, modern feel, or are antiques more your style? What is the colour scheme like; do you tend to go for neutrals, or are bold colours your thing? From here, you can start at shops that cater for your style to save you some time.

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