How to make a small apartment look bigger

How to make a small apartment look bigger

Posted by Linda Q on 14th Oct 2017

Living in a small apartment can be tough when it comes to creating an inviting living space. Many small apartments also don’t have large windows, which can make them feel even more cramped and claustrophobic. While living in a small apartment might be uncomfortable, it doesn’t have to stay that way! So what can you do to turn a small apartment into a home? Read on to find out.

1. Use light colours

Light colours can be used to open up a small space. When buying furniture or accessories, go for the lighter colours to brighten up the room, or play with pastels, metallic accents and mirrors to add some personality. If you can’t change the colour of the walls, you can hang long sheer at the windows to diffuse any harsh light from outside and soften shadows which also can make an apartment look smaller.

2. Go Monochrome

One trick interior designers like to use is to go with a single colour theme when decorating a small space. This has the effect of giving the room a look of cohesion and draws the eye evenly throughout the room, and has the benefit of looking sleek and sophisticated, and is a foolproof way to a stylish abode. An alternative is to use similar types of wood, such as birch or pine, for a Scandinavian touch.

3. Multi-tasking furniture

When you live in a small apartment, the biggest challenge will be finding a place for all your stuff – like the souvenirs you picked up on your travels, the tea sets your grandma gifts you every Christmas, the tennis racquet you haven’t touched in years. Instead of throwing them into a box an calling it a day, invest in some furniture that doubles as storage, like a bed with drawers underneath, or a sofa bench which opens up to give a place to hide your spare cushions.

 4. Don’t be afraid to go minimal

This may seem like a no-brainer, but selling your unwanted belongings will not only leave you with more space, but will also put some extra cash in your pocket. Sell large or valuable items like furniture on Gumtree or Facebook marketplace, and any items that can be shipped can be listed on eBay. Some local marketplaces will also let you set up your own stall to sell things like lightly used clothing or jewellery, though you may have to pay a fee to rent your own tent. When it comes to donating, however, your trash may end up being someone else’s treasure!

5. Lighting

A small space can look dramatically larger and warmer with the right lighting. Instead of sticking with the ceiling lights, which can cast shadows on the walls or behind furniture, place floor lights strategically in dark corners or use table lamps to light up narrow hallways. Desk lamps can also be used to provide some ambient lighting. If possible, replace the stock standard ceiling lights with pendant lights to add some interest to the room – by drawing the eyes upward, they can make the ceilings look higher than they really are. And don’t feel like you are limited to lamps – a group of candles placed on a mirrored tray (away from potential fire hazards) will also create a beautiful centrepiece that will add a touch of comfort.

Living in a small apartment does not mean you have to live in discomfort – instead, be creative. At Risenn, we strive to provide a large range of products that will suit your style, no matter what size your home is.