How to look expensive on a budget

How to look expensive on a budget

Posted by Rhiannon H on 30th Jun 2018

Keeping up with the latest and greatest trends doesn’t need to create a hole in your bank account. Sometimes it’s the cheap finds that bring the most joy to getting dressed. If you are on a budget, the best way’s to buy expensive looking pieces for your wardrobe is to buy separate pieces at a time, along with buying quality items to last. The lavish price tags of designer wear are no match to these tips to ensure you’re looking fashion forward on a budget!

Beauty is essential

Before we explore the external additions to ensuring an all around expensive look, having clean/ polished hair and skin allows any outfit to look classy. There is such high importance in perfecting your hair and beauty regime. Your makeup, skin, nails and cosmetics are the foundations for your wardrobe. Less is always more when it comes to makeup, along with keeping to healthy, yet not over styled hair. For an effortless and well-groomed look, stick to your favorite beauty products that work best for both your skin and hair, which in turn, will create a refined and sophisticated look.

Wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses almost always add another element to a look, and can certainly create a luxe feel when wearing the right ones that suit your face. The fancier and the more ‘on-trend’ sunglasses will help make your outfit look expensive! Whether its some simple black sunglasses, aviator or cat-eye, these shapes and shades are always in and will tie your outfit together. There are many stores online that focus on quality sunglasses for less, so shop around and find your inexpensive shades for a luxury feel!

Wearing Black

Black is simple, yet makes a bold and powerful impression. It coordinates with every colour and pattern, making it the perfect neutral tone. The colour black makes us think of coco Chanel, which screams luxury. Incorporating black pieces such as black heels, black tailored pants or a black blazer will have you looking expensive chic. When shopping, think essential statement pieces that are great quality for price, and will get many uses.

Wearing pointed shoes

Whether its heels, boots or flats, pointed shoes instantly brings a level of luxury to your outfit. It accentuates the lower portion of your body, incorporating a well-put together feel. Colours such as black or nude are popular colours that go with everything and are wardrobe essentials. Pointed loafers, black lace-up flats, or pointed heels are great basics that can be worn either casually, or for a special occasion.

Carry a structured bag

Whether it’s a large or small bag, there’s nothing more expensive looking then a structured bag! Both chic and timeless, this style of bag is incredibly versatile and transcends seasons. Neutral colours like black, white or tan can be paired with different colours and textures upon your wardrobe, making it incredibly easy to dress with. This type of bag completes the “Expensive” look with its simple lines and structured detail giving any outfit a ‘finished’ look.