How To Choose Your Perfect Mattress?

How To Choose Your Perfect Mattress?

Posted by Chloe Harris on 12th Dec 2020

One of the best ways to boost and sustain our wellbeing is having a good sleep--and we need a good mattress for this. However, many people neglect a mattress’ value and tend to settle on a bed that has no proper protection and comfort.

Alister Clare, financial planner and home improvement specialists at Credit Capital, suggest, "What's the use of saving money from buying a cheap, unreliable mattress and end up getting only five hours of sleep? To be your best, decent sleep is what you need. After all, you deserve it, no matter what kind of mattress you sleep on."

So, get a better mattress now and change your life!The following practical guide gives you insight into choosing the perfect mattress for you to have an ideal sleep.

How To Choose The Perfect Mattress?

There’s no single mattress that’s perfect for everyone. You have to choose according to your individual needs.

Sleeping Styles

On which side do you sleep? And in waking up, in what side do you see yourself out?

Base your decisions on your answers to these questions when picking a mattress. The areas of your body that demand more support to keep spinal balance vary depending on your sleeping position. Thus, finding a mattress to suit your sleeping position improves relaxation and staves off body sores and pains.

Side Sleepers

If you sleep more on your side, get a mattress that carries your body's weight, and conforms to your shape. Innersprings can provide more relief from pressure compared to latex or foam mattresses. Aside from innerspring, a mattress with extra soft foam may also fit side sleepers. Or you could choose one with integrated spinal alignment support points across the hips and shoulders.

Stomach Sleepers

Shrouding memory foam is the worst mattress for a stomach-sleeper: it's smothering. The best comfort for stomach sleepers would be offered by a firmer mattress. Choose something with a thick innerspring, solid foam, or an air-filled mattress.

Back Sleepers

Those sleeping on their back should get a mattress that supports the middle and aligns the spine. The mattress must also have sufficient cushion to support your hips, shoulders, and lower back. A slow memory-foam sink would be an ideal choice because it embraces the curves of your body.

Sleeping With A Restless Sleeper

Do you sleep side by side with a person who constantly tosses and turns? It can sometimes be nightmarish!

Find a pocketed coils-innerspring mattress or a memory foam. A dual-chamber air-filled mattress or a latex foam is suggested by experts. Medium-firm mattresses have strong motion isolation. But understand that these styles could probably be uncomfortable on the side of the restless sleeper's body. They offer no forgiveness towards motions.

If You Have Allergies

Both latex and foam mattresses are naturally antimicrobial. They're resistant to mould, dust, and mites. But, if you prefer an innerspring or fiberfill-topper air mattress, make sure that it is coated with an allergen repellant to hold allergens at bay.

If You Have Back Pains

Memory foam or a latex mattress is ideal if you're experiencing back pains. These types of mattress moulds to support your body.

Getting Excited To Sleep On Your Perfect Mattress?

A mattress is more than just a utility. It's an essential investment that can impact your health and wellness. Thus, it would be best if you take your time in choosing the perfect mattress.

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