How Often Should I Replace My Pillow?

How Often Should I Replace My Pillow?

Posted by Alex Morrison on 26th Nov 2019

When most people think about improving their sleep quality, their first point of action is usually the bed. In reality, your pillow plays a key role in creating that often elusive, perfect resting place. Apart from comfort, replacing your pillow could improve neck health, posture, and limit nasty illnesses and allergens in your bedroom.

Knowing when to change your pillow is not always obvious. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the tell-tale signs that your pillow is due for a change.

The Importance of Replacing Your Pillow

Identifying the need for a new pillow isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve never given it thought. After all, there are people who keep pillows for decades because they still find them comfortable.

The problem is that pillows do much more than provide a soft surface. Not only do they support your neck and shoulders while you sleep, but they also absorb oils and other substances every night. This creates perfect conditions for illness, skin irritations and not to mention, the proliferation of dust mites and other allergens.

Pillows also make potential habitats for bed bug eggs which can lead to an infestation of bed bugs.

If you begin to experience the presence of bites on your person, you should inspect your pillow closely. Normally you will be able to spot small, dark spots of bed bug feces and you may be able to smell a sweet, musty scent being emitted from the pillow itself. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, it is advisable to contact your local pest control company and arrange an inspection.

Changing your pillow regularly could have a positive impact on your overall health.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Pillow

Some pillows now have expiry dates printed on them. If yours doesn’t, a safe assumption would be to change your pillow every one or two years, but it may vary depending on how much you use your pillow.

Here are some tips to help you identify your need for a new pillow.

1. Loss of Shape

Foam, polyester, and other synthetic pillows start losing shape after some time, at which point they need to be replaced. This usually starts happening in the middle section of the cushion where you lay your head. Once the ‘middle’ area starts sinking or the corners start changing shape, you need a replacement.

2. Noticeable Lumps and Dimples

Similar to the last point, older synthetic pillows develop lumps and dimples in random areas. Not only is it uncomfortable, but they also create space for mould and other allergens to grow. Once you notice one or more lumps, it’s safe to assume that you need a new pillow.

3. Neck and Shoulder Pains

Old pillows can be a pain in the neck - quite literally. Pillows provide support for your neck and shoulders. Once the padding starts wearing, it stops supporting your spine, which in turn can result in neck and shoulder pains. You should always consult with a physician, but also check out that pillow.

4. Tension Headaches

Another common sign that you need a new pillow is tension headaches. The lack of support is to blame for this, and the effects can be just as bad or even worse than the neck pain.

5. Visible Mould Growth or Musty Odours

Aside from dust mites, mould is a common allergen that can grow in your pillows. Mould growth can lead to musty odours as well as visible green or yellow stains that should not be taken lightly. If this is the case, then you should definitely replace that pillow.

6. The Fold Test

The fold test can be carried out on down pillows to determine whether they have lost their ability to support your neck. Simply take your pillow and fold it in half. If you release it and it goes back to its natural shape and volume, it doesn’t need replacing. If the pillow doesn’t return to its normal state, you should find a new one right away.

Find the Best Pillows for a Comfortable Sleep

Getting a pillow replacement can help improve comfort and have a positive impact on your overall health. The tips above should help you identify the need for a new headrest, so take your time and make sure your pillow is in good condition.

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