Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Posted by Brittany E on 10th Feb 2018

Giving the perfect gift on Valentines Day has been a challenge throughout the ages. It does not matter if your relationship if new or years old, Valentines Day is the perfect time to show your significant other how much you appreciate them.


Flowers are a classic present on Valentines Day, roses are a sure fire hit. But, another way to spice it up is to think about their favourite flowers, colour, or perhaps a time in your S.O’s life that bears special meaning. Putting that extra thought into the flowers will really show and that extra thought will not go unnoticed.


Giving a gift on Valentines Day does not have to be elaborate and expensive; instead it could be as simple as spending time together, making memories. Shared experiences are just as valuable as an expensive gift, if not more. You could organise to cook dinner together, take a class to learn a new skill, have a date night, a weekend away or watch your favourite movie together. The possibilities are endless; taking time to be in the present and enjoy an enriching experience together is priceless.

DIY it

It may sound corny, but, a DIY gift really shows just how much effort and thought you put into your gift. Create a scrapbook detailing your favourite memories with/of your S.O, what you love about them, how you first met, anything you want really! It is a good opportunity to get sappy and express yourself, or make it a fun light hearted present. Depending on what Valentines Day means to you. Alternatively, you could make your S.O a cake or some heart shaped cookies. It is about what you think your S.O will enjoy the most.


Chocolate is a true and tested gift. While this may sound cliche it is a good present to give if, perhaps, you’re still finding your feet in the Valentines gift-giving world. Many places now offer customisable chocolates, and if you look online you can find lots of businesses who release limited Valentines Day chocolate packs. Instead of ducking down to your local supermarket and buying something generic, spice it up with something a bit more pertinent to the day. This involves some organisation, however, as many places will have to ship to your address.


As your S.O it is likely you know a lot about them. Think about what their likes and dislikes are, how do they like spending their spare time, are they an organised or disorganised person, is there anything that obviously excites them and makes them happy? Do they like being outdoors, gardening, craft, cooking, art, photography, reading, watching movies? Now, think about what sort of a gift you could give in relation to those interests? This is a good way to combine gift giving too, perhaps if they like gardening you could give them a plant and some of their favourite flowers from the florist. If they like running on time and being punctual, a watch would be an excellent idea. Taking your S.O to an art show, or gifting them a piece of art work may be fitting if they are a creative type.

Ultimately, as long as what ever you give is given with love and appreciation it will not matter what the present is. Valentines Day is about the love you have for those special people in your life and showing that love will be more than enough.