​Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

​Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Posted by Brittany E on 1st May 2018

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and, if you are anything like me you might be left scratching your head as to what to get Mum this year. Or, perhaps you are just looking for that perfect gift to complete your present. It can be so hard to pick what to get your mum, especially when they do so much for us!

Bring the Spa to your mum

Mum’s do a lot for us, and being able to give your mum access to her own mini spa/de-stressing area is a great gift idea. Aroma diffusers and essential oils are incredibly popular at the moment. Different oils serve different purposes, oils such a lavender are an excellent way to help the body relax and unwind. The diffusers are simply beautiful as well, they come in all shapes, colours and designs and fit perfectly in any room of the house; lounge room, bedroom or even the study.

Adding some lovely smelling candle, coupled with a luxurious towel, and perhaps a facial treatment pack and you have a wonderful mini pop up spa that your mum can enjoy anytime she wants.


Mother’s Day is a great chance to splash out and buy your mum that piece of artwork she’s been dying to get. She’s mentioned it a million times and has intricately thought out to the millimetre where she will put it, but just hasn’t gotten around to purchasing it yet. Or, maybe she has a general idea of what she wants but hasn’t quite made that final decision. Now, is a great time to purchase that ‘dream’ piece she has been looking for.


If my mum is anything to go by, then mum’s really do pack a lot into one small wallet. If that is the case then, it is high time Mum got an upgrade. Multiple spots to hold cards are essential for optimal organisation. But, often with practicality fashion is sacrificed. In looking for a wallet go for colours that you know your mum will love, or dark shades such as black and grey, ones that will compliment any outfit. Leather is a great look time, it projects a timeliness, fashion and quality that can not to beat.


Jewellery is an oldie but a goodie. It is a great gift to show just how much thought you put into your present. Jewellery is often quite a personal gift and really reflects how well you know someone and their tastes. It is also a wonderful way to gift your mum something that she has had her eye on for a while. Mum’s tend to put everyone else first and splashing out on a piece of jewellery they adore is an incredible way to show just how much you appreciate them.