​Finding a bar stool that’s right for your home

​Finding a bar stool that’s right for your home

Posted by Brittany E on 17th Apr 2018

Finding unique bar stools that make a statement is a hard task. There are so many things to consider height, material, should it have a back or should it be upholstered? Should it match the dining room chairs? In addition to cost you need to think about how the stools will be used and how many can comfortably fit in your kitchen or bar.


It’s an easy choice for bar stools, it’s a great material and easy for clean ups. Metal can balance out wood and work to give your kitchen or bar a more contemporary look. Paired with a daring pendant and you’ve got a dynamic, modern kitchen or bar. 

Contrasts between industrial and modern pieces present a unique way to make daring and fashionable statements. Backless stools don’t dominate spaces, they tuck in neatly under benches. Whereas, stools that posses a more stocky appearance are better suited larger areas so as not to make the room feel small and cluttered.

Wood and metal:

Modern stools that are a mix of wood and metal are very popular these days. The contrast between metal and wood creates a fabulous statement and centre piece in its own right. Creating a contrasting look between a clean timber dining table and the modernity of metal mixed with wood is a delicate balance. A great idea is to choose stools that perhaps have one or four legs. This gives the dining area a more open feel and serves as a way to declutter the room.


Wooden stools that are upholstered are another great choice and are an easy way to add your own flair to a room. If you love the stool but not the fabric why not re-upholster it yourself? Upholstered stools tend to take up more space so it is important to think about how you will utilise the space. Long swooping arms can add a fine flow to a room and make it seem less jolted and clunky.


Modern white or black leather stools coupled with metal legs and you have a superb combination between decedents and making a minimalist statement. A leather stool is a great way to add a statement to a kitchen or bar space and is easy to clean up when those inevitable spills occur.


A classic style that you can not go wrong with. Wooden stools make a great statement and add a classic rustic look. If you’re someone who loves the elegance of furniture that harks back to another era then wooden bar stools are for you. Don’t get confused though, the timber look is not all old fashion. Wooden frames that are painted, or are modern in style are a great addition to a kitchen with monochrome shades. They are a great cents piece that the eye can be drawn to.