Dress Up Your Blank Walls With These Ideas

Dress Up Your Blank Walls With These Ideas

Posted by Brittany E on 6th Feb 2018

An easy way to take those plain walls in your home and dress them up is with some wall art. It can add that life and colour to those tricky spaces. Ones where you’re not quite sure what to do with, and everything you have tried so far just does not seem to work.

The benefits of wall art can be seen on housing shows alike, they bring a room together, tie all the colours in smoothly and provide a beautiful centre piece for a room. But, it can also work against you if not done right.

Black and White

A black and white piece can give that casual elegance your desire. Still warm and inviting, but, also dramatic and mysterious; a bold and interesting statement for any room. It boasts an exciting focal point for the eye and really sets the mood; reflecting a crisp and clean design. This is a particularly good option for parts of the house that see a lot of guests and entertaining. It is an effortless look that provides class without over spending.

Vintage Style

A great way to add colour to a room is with vintage wall art. This works particularly well on soft coloured and washed out walls. Plainer rooms, such as a lounge room with white walls can benefit from a pop of colour and provide the eye with a bright centre piece. vintage styles are often fun and exciting giving a buzz to any space.

Natural Abstract

Photographs taken in nature but done so in an abstract manner allow for an artsier feel to a room. Beach scenes serve to be particularly calming and would work well in rooms like a bathroom or bedroom. The warm hues of blues and soft reds of a sunset capture the eye and the imagination and add a sophisticated element to any room.


Whilst a mirror is not strictly wall art, it does add depth and brightens any room. Situated in the right sport it can make a small room appear greater than what it is. The framing surrounding the mirror can be art in itself, something possessing intricate detail can give a room a quiet elegance and subtle rich luxury.

Blocks of colour

Rich, thick blocks of colour give a living space edginess and modernity. Such designs work well in dining or living spaces, it gives a room a focal point. Often such pieces are abstract in manner and serve to give a space an edgy feel. The harsh contrasting tones portray fearlessness and bright colours in rooms that may see a lot of entertaining can encourage people to gravitate to that area.