Decor And Design Tips For 2019

Decor And Design Tips For 2019

Posted by Alex Morrison on 19th Sep 2019

The year 2019 is all about interior design comebacks and bringing nature into the home. From old favourites like wallpaper and black furniture to fresh elements like enormous indoor plants, the home interior design scene is laden with a lot of great innovations this year. Let’s take a look at the top design trends that emerged in recent months.

Black is Back

From black furniture, black art prints, black walls, and black fixtures, this colour is everywhere. While black can be intimidating for some, it actually is a great way to make a powerful and sophisticated statement in your home. Pair this colour with lighter shades to create a contrast.

Bring Nature Inside

Along with the increasing awareness of the environment comes a fondness for bringing elements of nature into the home. A laid-back, relaxed setting can be achieved with the application of natural wood and green accents. Succulents, pot plants, terrariums, and indoor plants with large, beautiful glossy leaves such as crotons and monstera delicious plants are some green touches you’ll find in trendy homes of 2019. You’ll also see greenery in other accents at home, like pillowcases clad in leaf patterns.

Soft Pastel Colours

This year we’re seeing an array of soft pastel colours for a clean, sophisticated and relaxed feel. Combinations of soft pastels are used to give more depth and layered looks including hues like peach, powder blue, and pale pink. Pantone announced this year’s colour as Living Coral - a sweet spot between a soft, pastel pink and orange. From walls, rugs, chairs, and art decor, Living Coral has spruced up new home aesthetics for 2019.

Vintage Vibes

Old designs are making a comeback but with a nice, modern touch. The best of previous eras like the 70s and 80s are making their way into the interior designs of 2019. Vintage lighting fixtures, as well as furniture, are a common sight to see for this year. Even adding accents of homemade, unique, and novelty items are becoming a trend as well.

Natural and Sustainable Pieces

As more designers and homeowners are becoming conscious about the environment, we’re seeing a shift towards having more natural and sustainable furniture and decor. Natural fabrics for cushions, upholstery, and other furniture are trendier as time goes. This creates stylish looks from French Country to boho, boasting a more relaxed feel for the home.

Welcome Those Soft Curves

In the past, boxy edges and clean lines were dominant in the home interior design scene. But this year, we welcome curves and smooth edges. It’s all about comfort and luxury, with plush fabric furniture and curved coffee tables. Fringes are also seen adding a soft touch to interior design, from tasselled cushions to fringed lighting.

Statement Ceilings and Floors

Statement ceilings and floors in bold colours and geometric patterns are now a thing, and is being incorporated in most house renovations these days. If this isn’t your style, another way to create an impact in your interior design is to have a patterned carpet and ceiling. This is a more subtle approach yet is still a great way to add personality to your home.

Wallpaper Returns

Say goodbye to plain walls and hello to wallpapers. Adding wallpaper in any space is a great way to spruce it up, especially if you’re planning to do some home improvement. This time around, wallpapers are bolder and more artistic. Get ready to see a lot of landscape scenery, abstract shapes, and colourful geometric patterns.

The home interior design scene of 2019 is all about comfort and style, and a renewed love for nature. If you are planning to spruce up your home, take note of the latest design trends and enjoy a relaxing and luxurious space.

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