Child’s play: Imagine the possibilities

Child’s play: Imagine the possibilities

Posted by Jenny F on 16th Jul 2017

Remember the endless wonders we experienced during our childhood? Being enchanted by the magic we saw all around us? A time when we were delighted by every moment? Childhood is a precious time. A time for play and for laughter. A time to explore and to be amazed by the world around us. A time to dream and use our imagination. Everything is impressive. The world is magical.

So it’s no wonder that as adults we love watching children play. Seeing them run, jump, ride and climb and hearing their delightful squeals brings joy to any parent or carer – a reminder of our own childhood. Whilst the benefits of such play in developing motor skills are well known, just as important is fostering imaginative or make-believe play.

When children pretend play, teddy bears and dolls become people, blocks become cars, makeshift cubby houses become castles, dragons are slayed with cardboard swords in mythical lands, and plastic pots cook up delicious treats for guests at a tea party. In this make-believe world, everything is possible and there are no limits to a child’s imagination.

Imaginative play is important in childhood. The way children use an object to represent something else helps build and strengthen skills essential for their social and emotional development. Pretend play helps children to act out personal experiences and find ways to deal with these situations as well as allowing them to experiment and take on different roles. From walking in someone else’s shoes to learning how to share and express a range of positive and negative feelings, make-believe is essential in their development of empathy, cooperative play and creative problem solving skills.

Creative play products can help children explore these fantasy worlds conjured in their imaginations. From kitchen playsets to dress-ups, from teepees to cars and beyond, your child will be free to choose their own adventures – the world’s greatest racing car driver one day; the world’s greatest chef the next. Or perhaps they’ll be global rock stars on stage wowing their adoring fans. There is no limit to the number of creative make-believe worlds they can inhabit.

So let the adventure begin. Consider exploring our range of kids’ products and help nurture your child’s social and cognitive development. Let their imaginations run wild and watch them learn about themselves and the world around them.

The possibilities are endless, the joy is pure and the learning is priceless.  

Author Jenny F