Check out the most stylish ways to store your wine

Check out the most stylish ways to store your wine

Posted by Melina Byrne on 9th Sep 2019

Whether you want a wine rack for 7 bottles, 20 bottles or 110 bottles, Risenn has the perfect wine rack for you. A space-saving device, these stylish wine racks would look wonderful in any home, bar, cellar or restaurant.

Why should you store your wine horizontally?

1. Your wine will last longer due to the partial contact of the wine with the cork that makes it constantly moist.

2. The air bubble remains at the shoulder of the wine bottle.

3. Wine sediment collects at the bottom of the bottle.

7 Bottle wine and glass rack

Storing up to 7 bottles of wine and 6 wine glasses, this wall-mounted wine and glass rack is suitable for people who like to invite friends over for drinks or for a dinner party. You can even store more glasses on the top of the rack. Made from pine wood, this rack is made to last for a long time. Just mount it on the wall and it's all ready to store all of your precious wines.

12 bottle wine rack

Showcase your wine collection with this 12 bottle wine rack. Instead of having wine bottles scattered around in a cupboard, this timber wine rack can hold up to 12 bottles in a tidy structure. Made from heavy duty steel and quality pine wood, it will keep your wine safe.

20 bottle wine rack

Made of natural pine wood that is resistant to moisture and low temperatures, this 20 bottle timber wine rack holds up to 10 wines per tier and allows you the flexibility to stack them up if your collection grows. A secured dowel system helps to connect multiple units together without the need for wall or floor supports. As such, the ensemble is extremely stable, space saving and actually looks aesthetically better with age.

30 bottle timber wine rack

Made from quality pine wood and fixed on with heavy duty steel, this 30 bottle timber wine rack keeps your wine collection in pristine collection. With six tiers of storage space, this rack would be ideal for kitchens, bars, cellars or restaurants.

Want a bigger rack?

For those who have a bigger wine collection, Risenn also have a 42 bottle wine rack, a 72 bottle wine rack and 110 bottle wine rack.