​Car Ideas For Any Car Mad Child

​Car Ideas For Any Car Mad Child

Posted by Brittany E on 2nd Apr 2018

The racing season has got many in a buzz. Car enthusiasts flock to cities that host various races, one being the Melbourne Nascar racing.

As a child, my dream toy was an electric/pedal toy car. One that I could ride around and feel like a real adult, cruising the driveway, ready for any adventure. The sheer speed of the cars and watching them fly around the track would have me mesmerised as a child. My mind could simply not comprehend the skill and magic associated with driving one of those cars. I still see those electric cars and the inner child in me gets super excited.

Living out your childhood dream or even your child’s dream doesn’t have to be hard. Risenn stocks an incredible range of children's electric cars.

The Go Kart

A go kart is the perfect off terrain vehicle for any adventurous child. It’s the best of both worlds, a vehicle that any child can feel like a race car driver in and one that will allow them to take their adventures further off the ‘beaten track’. Even adults alike can appreciate the excitement that comes go kart racing, many of us have fond memories of building, racing and maintaining beloved family go karts. A great way to get any child, big or small, out doors and experiencing nature.

The Racer

For any little ones who are car racing mad, a sleek realistic car is the way to go. Equipped with quality anti-slip and long life treaded tyres, this ride on car can move around on almost all surfaces. Set up a race track anywhere and watch your child live out their racing dreams; while the adults watch the sit back, relax and watch the professionals battle it out on television. Many of the cars available comes with keys to start the "engine" and realistic sound effects; giving a realistic driving experience to your little one. It also features a working horn, flashlights and an audio cable for you to plug in an MP3 player, an iPhone or iPod, so your little one can listen to his own favourite songs while driving!

Make a Statement in Pink

This car is the perfect combination for any pink and car obsessed child. You’ll be looking at your child cruising around with envy, thinking ‘my child has a better car than I do!’ The Ride On Car itself is a stunning piece of work with all the inspiring design cues including impeccable hot pink paint work, stylish workable lights, large comfortable seat with a seat belt. This car will let your child live out their dreams of style and cars all in one.

These incredible cars are only just a glimpse of what is out there. Childhood dreams of racing cars, playing in the dirt, exploring untouched lands, being a police officer and more are more than fulfilled through Risenn.

Written by Brittany Evans