​5 Ways to Add Value to a Property

​5 Ways to Add Value to a Property

Posted by Alex Morrison on 23rd May 2020

It might sound expensive to add value to your home, but it really isn't all that costly if you do it correctly and avoid making the big but common mistakes a lot of homeowners make. You might be thinking about adding a pool, a granny flat, extra car space or another bedroom with your borrowing power.

Here we take a look at whether that’s wasted money or a good investment. A hint: consider investing in good flooring using either carpet or timber, have your old carpet steam cleaned or add some attractive floor rugs.

1. How About a Pool?

Depending on the type of pool, some real estate agents advise against investing in a new one. However, if you already have a pool, make the most of it by investing in some new equipment to make sure it’s well maintained. Pools are lots of fun in summer, but they’re also high-maintenance, so keeping it looking good is a must.

Brighten your pool up with a two-person inflatable lounge or a unicorn float for the kids. People with small children could be discouraged due to the safety aspects, so always make sure the fencing is secure and legal.

2. Consider the Exterior

If you have an outdoor living space, a Mexican hammock makes the area look appealing, and a retractable awning adds some shade in summer. Think about the windows, and if you don’t have good quality shutters, then buy some. They’re great for adding character and style to any home and they’re available in a wide range of shades including white.

Shutters can lock the heat in or keep the sun out and look very attractive against contemporary or period. Buyers are also attracted by a garage in which they can fit two cars, so adding a car space is good value. Also, consider a new paint job for the outside of your home, which can modernise and transform it. Merely changing fixtures such as taps and doorknobs can also work wonders.

3. Granny Flats Are Not Just For Granny

Consider having a granny flat built on your property because they can add value like nothing else. Granny flats are in demand, especially for people who want to bring in some cash by renting them out.

Most real estate agents will tell you a comfortable, well-designed and built granny flat can be a tremendous asset and will attract buyers who either have an ageing parent, teenagers who want space of their own or as mentioned, as rental income. Why not install a stackable shoe compartment to save space?

4. Give the Garden a Good Clean-up

Your garden is the first thing potential buyers see from the street, and if it looks unkempt or unattractive, it can discourage them from even coming inside to see the rest of the property. You don’t want buyers to drive on by and go to the next inspection, so spruce the garden up, hire a landscape artist if you can't do it yourself because a lovely, preferably established garden does add value.

Add some new plants and shrubs and make sure the lawn is crisply cut and the edges are perfectly whipper-snipped. Give the fence a new coat of paint, or even get a new fence. It will matter if the fence is less than sturdy and the paint is peeling off it.

5. Choose Light-Fittings With Care

Quality light-fittings can be the difference between adding value and meh. They really do make a difference to a home if chosen well. Copper or brass light-fittings give a home an urban look and feel. Brass or copper looks especially charming in a living room or in the kitchen hung above a big dining table or island bench.

Add glass shades for a more traditional look, and dimmer switches will allow you to change the mood when it suits. Lastly, think about having your home staged for the sale. Home styling can add even more value to your home.

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