5 Easy Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy Without A Gym Membership

5 Easy Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy Without A Gym Membership

Posted by Molly Dawson on 22nd Feb 2021

Going to the gym is not the best solution for everyone. In certain cases, making time to hit the gym is not even practical, especially when you are cautious about how you spend your free time and money. Yes, going to the gym requires both of these.

Take nothing away from personal trainers and gym memberships. Both have a lot to offer, and for those that can afford them, more power to you. But there are no rules that state you need either one to live a healthy lifestyle. You can make a significant change starting today without breaking the bank or losing too much free time.

This post is going to share 5 tips on how you can reach your health goals without a big budget to support you.

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1. Search For Free Workout Videos

As you read this, there are many free workout videos you can access. More importantly, these videos offer a lot of flexibility in terms of training at home without the need for gym equipment.

Sally Austin, a remedial health expert,says that there has never been as much free information about health and fitness than now. ”You can Google just about anything and find the right workout or nutrition guide. “You’re bound to find something that fits your fitness needs and goals for that moment in time.

2. Walk Every Opportunity You Get

Another great way to get in better shape is to walk more. And too many people underestimate the power of walking. Just a brisk walk around the block can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

For air conditioning expert Karl Ammoun, walking has been the best thing for him during the pandemic. “Just getting outside and moving has been very relaxing for me. It provides a change of scenery from working all day and you can plug into a podcast to listen to. There’s so many benefits to it and it’s not physically taxing either.”

The best part is that you can implement walking into your daily routine. For example, when the store is close enough to walk to, why waste the fuel driving there? And when you park at work, do it a little further away than usual. You can even invite friends and family to walk with you to make it more fun.

3. Choose The Stairs When Possible

When you need to get to the 10th floor of a building, it only makes sense to use an elevator. But when you only have to cover two or three floors, why not take the stairs? Keep in mind that climbing the stairs can burn more calories than jogging per minute. Use this as motivation every time you get to choose between the stairs and the elevator.

4. Scout For Basic Fitness Equipment

If you are serious about getting the most effective workout at home, it is recommended to go on a search for basic fitness equipment. These include items like a jump rope, a stability ball, and even light dumbbells.

Natalie Crabtree, a holistic therapist,notes that we basically live in a free gym. “Nature is our playground. You can go for a run anywhere, do some bodyweight exercises or use a park bench to exercise on. There truly isn’t a big need to spend on a gym membership when you can get fit for free in nature.

Overall, equipment like this is not too expensive. But there is no harm in asking friends or family if they have anything laying around they are not using.

5. Let Your Creativity Run Wild

Once again, there are no strict rules on what equipment you need for a workout. There are many items around the house that can be used for added weight and do not forget the furniture. As long as the item has a distinct weight and can easily fit into your routine, what is stopping you?

As an extra tip, use your own body as a weight for exercises like planks, push-ups, and pull-ups.

There’s never been a better time than now to start getting fit at home. While it may seem daunting at first, Risenn’s range of fitness equipment will help ease yourself into a new fitness regime.

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