2018 Handbags For Any Occasion

2018 Handbags For Any Occasion

Posted by Brittany E on 28th Feb 2018

Handbags, everyone loves a good handbag. Clutches, totes, cross-body, weekend bags, gym bags and more. Most of us have a bag for any occasion. A handbag, like a good pair of shoes or jewellery, is not a whimsical after thought. It is a solid fashion statement in itself; an investment that lasts years.

A No Nonsense Black Carry All Bag

A black handbag is like a good pair of shoes, reliable, timely and elegant. Everyone needs a stylish black handbag you can quickly grab as you run out the door. A bag that you can pack all the essentials in is a lifesaver. You don’t have to worry about any outfit clashes or whether it will look too casual or too formal. Better yet, you can keep your whole life in a bag!

Paired with jeans and a grey jacket a black handbag adds an elegant element to the outfit, conversely, it can go just as well with a business suit, adding a professional touch.

Cross-body Bag

A cross-body bag is great for any busy person on the move. These types of bags come in a variety of sizes, however, the smaller sizes tend to be the most popular. They are light and compact and add a light flair to any outfit. Smaller sized bags do mean you can only take the essentials with you, but, these magical bags always seem to have enough room for just one more ‘essential’.

These bags are great for events, casual or fancy, they have you covered. Wear it with denim shorts and a t-shirt or an elegant flowing dress. If you are at an event where keeping your hands free is a must then this is the bag for you.


A backpack is great for those causal weekends at the beach, when you need to pack everything into one bag and do not want the hustle and bustle of weekday life with you on your weekend adventures. A backpack does not need to be daggy, it can be a glorious fashion statement in its own right. Simple, classic designs with effortless colours and patterns work to complete any casual weekend outfit.

Alternatively, a backpack can be easily brought with your through the weekend. Perhaps, to be used as a gym bag. A classic design can work well with workwear just as well.


A clutch bag is simply a must for any social occasion. Strong bold colours or shades compliment an outfit nicely and work well with just about any design. They will not leave you caught short in any fashion disasters and you can carry with you any essentials you may need for particular events. Many clutch bags will come with a strap so they can be worn over the shoulder making them highly adaptable bags. Choosing a clutch with a detailed or eye-catching strap or centre piece on the actual bag can also add an elegant detail.