10 Budget Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Home

10 Budget Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Home

Posted by Molly Dawson on 12th Jan 2020

Are you looking to transform your home?

Many of us dream of owning a high-end looking home.

But not all dreams come true. Decorating your home to achieve that luxurious look and feel isn’t an easy task, especially when working on a tight budget. But this also doesn’t mean you can’t get the look and feel of the luxurious home you have always dreamt of at a much lower cost.

A good and honest interior designer will tell you that money is just one factor out of many that determine if your house is elegant or not.

Even the most straightforward solutions in interior design, such as playing around with colours, throw pillows, window treatments, and applying a fresh lick of paint can surprise you.

Many expert interior designers have weighed in on this, and even provided examples and tips on how to give your home a luxurious and elegant upgrade using easily affordable items.

Here are the top 10 ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank.

1. Crown Moulding

Although you might know this already, details play a crucial role in interior design. Crown moulding helps bring about the look and feel of a finished/complete room by creating a seamless and harmonious link between the ceiling and the walls.

Although it might seem simple, the moulding part itself elevates the room from a cheap to an elegant look.

Crown moulding is quite inexpensive and affordable to all. You can also choose plastic (paintable) options if looking to save even farther. You could also opt to select varying widths for different applications in the house for the best results. Just be sure to use the moulding from ceiling beams, high baseboard, crown, columns, chair rails, and ceiling medallions.

2. Paint

Your choice of paint, and colour, for your home, have a significant impact on how cheap or expensive the house will look. Many people, however, struggle when tasked with choosing the ideal colour for their homes.

This is particularly so when looking for something to make a statement and elegance. A pro tip here would be to choose between two options, go for bold and dramatic colours or select the softer, understated hues. The soft tones are what make the difference, hence the key to instant glamour and elegance. Your choice of colour, however, depends on the theme you wish to go with.

Cladding expert Daniel Cerminara explains that black doors are known to create an expensive feeling in homes and offices. He says “consider having all the interior doors painted black while accessorising the spaces for continuity/harmony. Painting the door’s black won’t put a dent to your wallet but will have a visible difference in the house.” 

3. Pillows for Comfort and Elegance

Pillows can be used to play two roles in the home, add a little comfort and cosiness while bringing about an elegant punch to the room. You, however, ought to be careful to choose just the right pillows for the job. The cushions can be used to add colour to the room too.

Anyone that comes to the house will use the pillows to rest on – this means they need to be soft enough. Size also matters a lot in interior design. Although small sized pillows may seem ideal for the job, experts recommend going for more massive 22-inch or 24-inch throw pillows. A large enough pillow will come in handy, especially when one wants to support his/her back or use it as a cushion.

Large and overstuffed pillows create elegant and plush appearance instantaneously. However, you shouldn’t avoid down-filled pillow inserts either.

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4. Window Treatments

Window treatments play a vital role in home interior design. Choose the wrong treatments, and the image of your home will suffer. Have the right ones, and everything falls in place. Fortunately, window-treatments aren’t expensive with plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from. Choose your window treatments wisely to provide both privacy and elegance.

You need to be careful/smart when shopping or choosing window treatments. Anything that looks unlined and flimsy will give your home a cheap look. This is despite some of these materials being expensive. See-through materials aren’t recommended either. If you have to, consider off-the-rack curtains, lined draperies, and curtain options with an elegant and expensive look. Fortunately for you, these are usually inexpensive and priced just right.

Stick to cotton, linen, and natural silk materials for window treatments. You could also try wood blinds or woven-bamboo shades if draperies aren't to your taste. Dress your windows right to give the room and the entire home a warm and more expensive look.

5. Hardware Finishes

Hardware finishes are as important as the window treatments and paint in interior design. That said, it would be advisable to avoid cheap-looking and poor-quality pieces found in most hardware stores. One way to identify a cheap item is if you find drawers upon drawers of such items. For just a few more dollars, you could get more expensive and quality pieces in another store.

If unsure of where to look, try visiting a flea market, antique stores, and small hardware stores. Some of these will have the best quality items money can buy and value for your money.

6. Lighting Fixtures

In normal circumstances, a contractor will choose the standard lighting fixtures for your home. Many homeowners are also more likely to go for the same accessories when replacing them. Nonetheless, going for designer light fixtures will not only break the monotony but bring about some opulence in the house.

Flea markets, new/small hardware stores, and second-hand stores are the places to go when shopping for lighting fixtures. Ditch the standard chandelier and go for the unique one in these stores. You could even add a drum shade on the standard chandelier to give it life and a new look.

Architect and renovation expert Rick Buick says “do not shy away from fixtures that only need a new paint job and buffing either. Some of these are of the highest quality and look great when worked on. Consider investing in additional light sources, such as floor and table lamps.”

7. Consider Hardwood Flooring

Although carpets add a soft and warm feel under our feet, they cannot be compared to hardwood flooring when it comes to elegance and beauty. Solid hardwood floors provide an elegant and classic appearance, hence considerably better than the wall-to-wall carpet.

Although a hardwood floor may be a little more expensive than the carpet, the returns on investment, as well as durability, is unmatched. A hardwood floor also helps increase the value of your home should you choose to put it up for sale in the future. You might also want to try laminate flooring for the same results. Plush carpeting would, however, be a much better option if choosing between the carpet and laminate flooring.

Vinyl flooring experts Homestyle Flooring explain that the choice of wood in flooring also matters. They say “one of the reasons you should do your homework first before deciding on one. Cherry wood is considerably more expensive than oak and birch. Whatever wood you choose to go for, we recommend going for the darkest wood. Darker wood has a more elegant look as compared to light-toned ones.”

8. Accessorise

Many homeowners do not take the time to accessorise their homes. Unknown to them, accessorising brings a touch of elegance to the space, and only costs a few coins and a bit of your time. There are dozens of ways in which you can accessorise your home without breaking the bank. Whether looking to use gold accessories, silver, or other valuable metals, use them sparingly to avoid overcrowding the space. Golden picture frames, modern gold-legged tables, and gold mirrors are examples of accessories you can use in your home.

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9. Furniture

Furniture is among the essential pieces in every home.They are not only required for every day uses but can also be used to bring life to the room. Nonetheless, most people aren’t willing to pay for the durable furniture on the market. Although you may have a choice to go for the cheaper options, most of these do not last long. High-quality furniture, although costly, can last a lifetime if well-cared for. You also don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on the best and most durable pieces out there. Second-hand stores, consignment shops, and estate sales have all the furniture you need and at an affordable price too. Some of these only need re-upholstering or a few repairs to restore them.

Second-hand stores will offer this furniture at almost half the original price. We recommend finding that piece of furniture you have been looking for in these stores and have an expert carpenter restore it. The finished product will have cost you much less than those cheap-looking pieces in some stores.

Browse Risenn’s full range of furniture here.10. Regular Housekeeping

None of the above-mentioned tips would matter if the house were neglected. Keeping your home clean by dusting all the furniture, vacuuming the carpets, and re-buffing other pieces qualify to make the house more elegant than ever. You might also want to declutter to get rid of items you no longer need. No one wants to live in a cluttered and overcrowded house either.

The carpet cleaning team from A Plus note that cleaning the house and items inside regularly allow fresh air in and makes it easier to take care of spots and stains on rugs. They go on to say “damaged items can also be repaired to restore their former glory. In addition to keeping the furniture, accessories, and carpets clean, the windows too should be thoroughly cleaned every once in a while. Clean windows help allow more natural light into the house and appear welcoming too.”

The first step to making your home more elegant is by keeping it clean and organised. You also need to be careful with the items you bring inside too. Avoid cheap looking and poor-quality items in the house as these only dent its image. It will do you well budgeting for each section of the house at a time, then finding just the right market to buy the items. Flea markets and second-hand shops are some of the best places to find these items and at an affordable price.