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Canvas Prints 

Canvas Prints 

 Canvas Prints Australia

At Risenn, we have an extensive range of canvas prints for you to choose from. A leading online boutique based in Melbourne, we ship canvas prints to all over Australia. If you’re looking to place an international order, please email us at clientservices@risenn.com.

Our entire range of canvas prints will arrive to you as pre-stretched canvases. This means that we stretch your canvas for you before we send it, eliminating the need for you to do it yourself. All canvas prints will arrive at your door ready to be hung – simply remove them from the box and you’re set to go.


What is a stretched canvas print?

Canvas prints have to be stretched before they can be hung. Usually a canvas print arrives rolled, and then has to be stretched over a stretcher bar (a thin wooden frame). When purchasing a rolled canvas print, customers have to stretch their canvas themselves before hanging it on their walls. By providing stretched canvas prints, we’ve taken this step out for you. Instead, our stretched canvas prints arrive in a box, ready to be hung.

As we stretch the canvas, we also staple it to the thin wooden frame that we use to stretch it. The wooden frame can then be used to hang your canvas print on your wall, or you can choose to frame it.


Benefits of stretched canvas prints 

As well as being a hassle-free option, there are a number of benefits that make stretched canvas prints superior. Stretched canvas prints are less damageable, higher quality, and have brighter and sharper imagery. They’re also less vulnerable to dust, and have better dimensions than rolled prints. 

Having your canvas print stretched by our professionals means you eliminate any risk of damaging your print by doing it yourself. Using cheap or lesser quality stretchers can damage or even ruin your print. Plus, buying stretched canvas prints saves you the cost of having to buy a stretcher yourself.




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