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9 Tips for Bringing Home the Industrial Look

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From bars and eateries, to shop showrooms, the industrial look is a trend that’s stuck because it gives off that cool, yet cozy vibe. It’s a look you can master at home too, and if you get it right, it can be calming and homely. The look allows you to be creative, and anything goes if you keep it to a minimum, as long as it’s not too bright, bold or overpowering.

Here are some tips on how to get it right:

1. Don’t do it all at Once!

The industrial look is like folding a cake. You start by mixing in elements, bit by bit and building it up as you go along. That way, it’s easier to gage what works and what doesn’t.

2. Clear all Clutter and banish it for good

This is a must because the look is minimal. Commit to a clear household and the look will work. If you need some help, read ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’by Marie Kondo. It takes you through the initial clear out process, and offers a realistic system on how to maintain a perpetually clear household. It’s written in a logical and thought provoking manner. The main principle is that you designate a home for every household item, and you stick to that. 

3. Dare to Strip Bare

There is nothing more authentic to the industrial look than the bare walls of your home. Strip down the paint and see what you get, even if you just experiment with one wall. A grey concrete wall will work, as will a block wall, painted neutral or left untouched.

4. Renovate & Recycle

Keep the industrial look in mind wherever you go, as you may come across the perfect prop. If you want to get creative, decorate your interiors by stenciling letters onto old planks of wood, or sanding down old chests of drawers. What makes the industrial look so special is that it works really well with vintage. Whether it’s a rocking horse or an old bureau, antiques will always add interest.

5. Set the Mood with Lighting

Invest in a good set of lights - they’re the frame to your work of art and they really set the mood. Bright light can be used on bright walls and not overpower because the look is minimal already. Dimmed lighting works too, for added ambiance. Lights can go anywhere and be stationed at any height. Long metal lights that sit low will make the room look more industrial.


6.Substitute bright colors with texture

Since the industrial look is neutral, you can use as many different textures as you like and it won’t look too busy. Not only does it add interest, but it makes the room cozier. 

7. Accessorize

Shake it up from showroom to living room by accessorizing it with almost anything you choose: rugs, throws, cushions. It needs your personal touch to feel like your home, just don’t go overboard - stick to the ‘less is more’theme which is vital for making the industrial look work.

 8. Dip in and Out

You don't have to commit your whole room to the industrial look. Instead, you can dip in and dip out, picking elements of the look to style your room. Concrete or white washed walls can also work with shabby chic or a cottage style look, too and industrial pieces fit well in a modern setting.

9. Keep it Warm 

To avoid your industrial look becoming too bland, brighten it up with warm tones such as copper or rust. Copper plant pots, lampshades and photo frames are bang on trend so can be found almost anywhere. Used subtly, dashes of color can also add interest. Teal fits well with the industrial look, as do most earthy colors such as green and russet. Wall prints can also add character to wish- washy walls. 


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