3 Reasons why you need an ottoman

Posted by Fatima M on 25th Jun 2017

There are so many uses for a beautiful tufted ottoman in the home. Ottomans are versatile, practical and classic. The ottoman is a must-have multipurpose piece of treasure. It’s also, referred to as a … read more

Working Your Wall Prints

Posted by Nicola H on 19th Jun 2017

How to Work Wall PrintsWall prints can work wonders for a room. Not only do they look homely but they can bring any room to life, including the bathroom. They can be daunting at first but rest assured … read more

​How to restore R & R in the bedroom

Posted by Fatima M on 4th Jun 2017

Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary and its decor shouldn’t be anything less than dreamy. If rest and relaxation is what you’re after, combine throws, pillows, and candles to make the bedroom the ult … read more

Muggers Beware: That’s my mug!

Posted by Jenny F on 31st May 2017

Do you have a favourite mug — a mug you would consider dumping your partner for if they ever dared use it? A mug that is so precious, a colleague using it would result in you leaving a note in the off … read more

Tips on styling wall art

Posted by Fatima on 21st May 2017

3 things to consider when styling with wall art.When styling a space, we want it to look the very best that it can be to best represent us, whether that’s our passions, lifestyles, our families and ou … read more